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Cobra Kai is a total streaming phenomenon, but its Season 3 is losing a fan favorite character! Why Aisha Robinson has left the show? How Aisha’s exit will be addressed on the show? And what really happened with actress Nichole Brown?

Aisha Robinson was not included in the cast of Cobra Kai Season 3. It was then confirmed by Nichole Brown in her now-eliminated Instagram stories. Nichole also admitted that she needed the job due to being in a very stressful financial situation and having health issues.

Thankfully, this September she posted an announcement on her Instagram that she was going to be at the Comic Con, so it seems the tough times are finally over for her.

So could Aisha return for Cobra Kai Season 4? Perhaps, the writers might find a way to include the character in a storyline for future episodes! But it depends on how they addressed her exit.

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