Sonic Adventure 2 Movie: Cinematic Remastering

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This is a new way to watch a classic game's story. While not necessarily remastered, there's no other word for it. All of the old issues (charms) have been fixed. The overly loud music, overrunning dialouge, etc. It's also the HD version. However, beware, for MANY... ill advised changes have been made. Most of the music has been replaced, a few texture swaps have been made in certain scenes and a few lines are missing, because I couldn't find a suitible rip of the audio. Also, apart from the original voice actors, ALL of the sound has been re-dubbed. Regaurdless, I hope you enjoy this for what it is. NOT PERFECT, but something new and fun to watch. So I hope you guys can enjoy it. :)
There are a LOT of changes, but nothing is added apart from new sound effects, music, a lens flare, a few credits and a damn fine secretary voice by YouTuber Jradgex.
End credits music: https://youtu.be/QAVQk6pysHM

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